I Am Free to Be (Or Own Your Own Stuff)

The blame game just doesn't cut it with me.  I know that when I am apt to say "you made me feel...(fill in blank)" that I am not upset but set up to feel something.  I am carrying something in me that is coming to the surface to receive Grace if I am able to own it and not push it away or attribute it to someone else. I Am Free to Be is my expression of that, that I am responsible for what I am feeling and there is freedom and release in owning it and feeling it.  Blame is a never ending push and shove game that is born in denial of what is happening in YOU that needs God's grace.  Next time you are upset, stop, breathe and be present to what you feel.  You don't have to change it or make it go away.  Try it and you might find you are Free to Be.  I I Am Free to Be is a limited edition poem on canvas from poem pieces™.