Getting Old is the Pits in India: OR WHY POEM PIECES GIVES TO IMPACT INDIA 360

Getting up in the morning and feeling old and achey is not fun for anyone.  Can you imagine what that might feel like if where you were getting up from was the street, your only home and where you are left to beg for food? Sadly that is the case for many elders in India who are put out on the street because there is not enough food or compassion in their family to go around.  Impact India 360 not only does wonderful things with orphans, they also have an elder care home and are building a larger facility because there is such a need.  Check out these touching elder stories at  Next time you feel old and achey give a little to one of these elders.

Impact India 360 is one of the nonprofits that you can choose at check out to receive 50% of proceeds when you purchase a poem piece™.