Ground Hog's Day (OR WHY I LOVE DO OVERS)

When I think of Ground Hog's Day I think of my sister's birthday and the movie by that name - in that order.  I love the premise of the movie that you can take what you learn from your mistakes and get a chance to do it again. And again.  I feel like I am about as clueless as that character at times.  Certainly I have been that as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend.  I hope you have family and friends that understand forgiveness.  I am lucky that way.  Fortunately real life does offer a few opportunities for do overs.  The best one is grandchildren. I get to use all of my hard earned experience mostly sans the same mistakes. I can be a mini mom to them on a limited basis.  There is less chance of needing a do over that way.  I may be wiser but I'm still human!


Here is an original limited edition poem that is just waiting for you to commission  onto a canvas.  What color?  What expressive art would say this:

Do Overs

Wouldn’t it be great

To erase and start again

Wouldn’t you just love

A spell check for the right use of love

Wouldn’t life be simpler

HUNTIf your choices could be fixed

Wouldn’t it be amazing

To have bad memories changed

Wouldn’t you agree

To such a better life as this?

Or would you make a worse mistake

Or could you botch it more

Or maybe you’d be stuck

FIn doing only one small protected thing all your life

Perhaps I should do over this poem