The freedom of snowflakes: OR LETTING GO OF CONTROL

Do you like to be care-free and spontaneous?  Are you a free-form person?  Do you flex easily with what arises each day?  Even if it is snowing AGAIN?  Before you bemoan those seemingly endless dots of snow take a lesson.  Snowflakes is a poem about the freedom and free-form dance of the snowflake contrasted with our penchant for control.  Could you adopt for a few minutes or even a day the idea of a dance that you simply let go within?  Children are great at this.  For just a few moments let yourself be a free and exuberant child. Whatever you do after that will be infused with greater energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. 

Snowflakes is a poem just waiting for you to put it on canvas by poem pieces™:

Snowflake falling
Doing your dance
What is your pathway?
What is your stance?
Floating here, floating there
Such freedom!
Such being!
Such vulnerability to chance.
Perhaps it’s true
For both me and you
That such freedom of dance
And freedom of stance
Is too out of control
And vulnerable to chance