Wedding Bells Ring (OR MIRACLES DO HAPPEN)

My late husband died suddenly of a heart attack without any warning. As I grieved,  I was quite sure I was done - as in done with male/female relationships, dating, and certainly marriage.  I got nervous when I sensed that God was thinking otherwise.  I pointed out to God that I had a list - a long list - of reasons why I did not want any of it. I love how God is wiser and has greater vision for my life.  Wedding Bells Ring is a poem about the emotions of walking into a miracle with someone who is your best friend.  It is about the miracle of finding that friend at any age but especially in your late 60's.  It is about the miracle of that happening even when you swore you'd never marry again. It is about the miracle of feeling completely accepted as I am.  It is about the miracle of joy that is still there on our 3rd anniversary (this week).  It is about the miracle of completely trusting your life to another person and whatever that life together might bring. Yes, miracles do happen.

This is a perfect gift for anyone getting married or for an anniversary of marrying your best friend.  Wedding Bells Ring is a limited edition poem on canvas from poem pieces™.