What Do You Dream About? (OR ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?)

Do you still have dreams or have you given up on them as nonsense. Do you see that word "non-sense."  Does it make sense to have  dreams, desires?  Where do they come from?  I, for one, think my desires come from the loving heart of God plunk right into my heart. I know from experience many dreams just sit there simmering for years.  I have come to believe that God is coaxing me to pursue them so that I'll develop the full brilliance of the sparkle that I am.  Most of my dreams put me in uncomfortable places.  This picture is of me fulfilling a life long dream to be able to dance in a way that brings beauty.  My heart sings and my feet fly as I move across the floor in this.  I may only be beautiful in God's eyes and my own imagination but I am ever so grateful to God for the courage to seek this desire.  I did not start this until the eve of 70 so it's not too late for you.  What desire is simmering in you? Where is the sparkle that wants to shine through you?  Hmmm maybe I'll write a poem about that for poem pieces™  I'm dedicating this blog to Peggy who is dancing this week in her first showcase.