What is Christmas about (OR HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT)

Did you ever do "hidden pictures" as a kid?  You know what I mean, where you have to find the objects cleverly hidden inside of other objects in a picture.  Fun except when one is elusively still out there.  Christmas is like that.  There are precious objects hidden in the tree trimming, the present picking, the card creating, the meal making.  Can you see them?  Do you have the list of them? Here are a few:  honor, tradition, peace, joy, love, treasure, family.  Before you color in the entire picture of your holiday, take time to spot what might be hidden.  Check out my picture what is hidden here?

I'm spending the rest of the month focusing on my hidden picture treasures.  See you in 2018!  Still plenty of time to order poem pieces™ at www.poempieces.com