Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere in a room can be changed in a nanosecond with the arrival of an ATTITUDE?  Just when you were about to relax and enjoy the moment, in walks an energy that pervades everything and no one has said anything yet!  What's a person to do?  Well there's the 1) judge before you are judged approach or 2) avoid by pretending to be super involved in the floor dust bunnies (my house, not yours) or 3) be the change agent.  This is only achieved through allowing the person to first of all have the attitude (with perhaps a boundary - "I'd like you to spend the next 5 minutes telling me what is bothering you and I'm just going to listen") Rules of engagement: no interrupting, no defending, and end with "Thank you for trusting me to share that. I will consider all that you have shared."  Pick a time to share what you may say in response. Like this, "I need to think about the importance of what you have shared. May I get back to you ________." This will not be a time to tell them what you think is wrong with what they shared. Their perception is their perception. If you are pricked by what they say make it a matter of prayer because it is probably your EGO wanting it's way.  So that is a long story to say that I was inspired to write this poem When I Am Joyful as I have considered the attitude I am bringing into a room.  Your attitude doesn't have to be joyful at all times, but whatever it is will impact others. When I Am Joyful is a limited edition poem on canvas from Poem Pieces™ and part of the Relationship Collection.