Were you ever told to not cry over spilt milk? I'm not sure I was.  I think I was yelled at for the spill.  In spite of that or because of that I have learned to clean up the messes I make in life, but sometimes moving past the mistakes is harder.   Can I move to the next glass of milk, the next day, the NEW YEAR?  I like to reflect at year end on the past year to see the patterns, the messes, etc. Ultimately, as I wrote in the poem "Yesterday" what really matters is right now, today.  If I can focus on what is, I am much less likely to spill milk or make messes.  Would you join me in a New Year's resolution to be fully in your "today" moments? That way we can treasure what actually is instead of bemoaning spilt milk or worrying about the next mess we'l make.

"Yesterday" is an original limited edition poem piece™ from